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How We Work

  • We first understand what each college or university needs relative to instructional support needs and other missions each school desires.
  • We recruit, screen, pre-qualify and present applicants desiring support work for approval by university partners.
  • We assign teaching assistants and other support workers to programs, based on university, college, or even program-specific needs.
  • We train applicants each learning management system used by our university partners and on-board them into courses and programs. Additionally, we are happy to work closely with faculty on the use of coaches, so that they understand our model, and we understand how course objectives and programmic needs are met.
  • We independently contract with and pay academic coaches and other part time support workers on behalf of university partners, which eliminate universities from adding human resources and payroll overhead.
  • We ensure accountability by placing leadership coaches, who work directly with faculty, making sure that the faculty member's guidance, rubric, and goals are fully met.
  • We provide continual support to each course end to end.

Being an Academic Coach

Focusing on the Roles and Responsibilities of an Academic Coach

Each IC Academic Coach is a highly qualified, experienced professional in the appropriate academic discipline and has earned a masters and/or doctoral degree from an accredited university. On average, IC academic coaches have 17 years of experience in their field and have earned a minimum of a graduate degree.

Therefore, each worker possesses the academic credentials and experiences to become an immediate asset to students seeking a degree in a related field. Their goals will be completely aligned with institutional priorities. Under the leadership and direction of faculty, academic coaches can help grade assignments, manage discussion threads, provide announcements, and manage day-to-day student and course issues; thereby, freeing the faculty member of record to focus on course delivery and outcomes.

Recruiting, Employing, Training and Assigning Academic Coaches

Each institution identifies the academic credentials required for their program area. Based on this information, IC employs a variety of recruitment strategies, reviewing each applicant thoroughly for a match to the qualifications to each program. A routine criminal background check is performed on all potential candidates. Each candidate then commits to a 4-6 hour online screening and training program. Topics include working with a variety of Leaning Management Systems, basic principles of effective online education, and the roles and expectations of an Academic Coach.