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Jim is a very dedicated Coach. He is exceptionally helpful and works with me to assure all educational obligations are delivered in a respectful and thorough manner.
-Faculty at Florida International University (CMBA Program)

I have recently worked with Larry a lot in the last few starts. He is very easy to work with. He is very independent and I rarely hear from his students with issues. His grades are right on target with what is expected. Overall, he is an asset.
-Faculty at Ohio University (RN to BSN Program)

Cindy is great. I enjoy working with her every single time. She is organized, thorough and efficient, and really makes the faculty's job much easier.
-Faculty at Ohio University (RN to BSN Program)

Excellent coach, extremely experienced, tech savvy, cool mannered, student-respected.
-Faculty at U of TX - Pan American (MBA Program)

Gloria is an excellent coach. She adheres to the program performance expectations and is efficient in her role.
-Faculty at U of TX - Arlington (Graduate Education Program)

Karen was an excellent coach. I have worked with her for over a year and we know each other's strengths and weaknesses and can provide a good balance.
-Faculty at U of TX - Arlington (MSN Program)

Cindy was fantastic to work with! She needed very little explanation from me, but was quick to send me an email if something needed my attention. It was mentioned more than once that she helped the other coaches in finding items in Blackboard or explaining how to complete a particular task. In grading assignments, she felt like an extension of myself.
-Faculty at U of AR - Little Rock (Undergraduate/Pre-Req Course)

Very professional. Did everything that was asked before the deadline and had excellent suggestions.
-Faculty at U of AR - Little Rock (Graduate Education Program)

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