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Core Values Of An Academic Coach

1.) I Proudly Represent Instructional Connections:

I am an ambassador for Instructional Connections by actively displaying a positive attitude and talking enthusiastically about the company, the university, the program, and faculty.

2.) I Show Respect for Others:

I treat everyone with respect by being sincere & kind, being considerate of individual differences, and acknowledging contributions made by others.

3.) I Practice Teamwork:

I am a team player working with my team to achieve the common goals of my program and university, and the Instructional Connections Mission and Vision. I practice teamwork with courtesy and respect.

4.) I Respond Positively When Speaking with Others:

I respond positively and show I care by concentrating on each student, attentively listening, and responding with sincerity.

5.) I L.E.A.R.N. to Support the Student/Faculty:

I show I care when presented with an issue by owning the problem, and using the L.E.A.R.N. process to resolve, support, and build trust. I am committed to resolving any student and/or faculty issue by understanding the individual's expectations.

L.E.A.R.N. = Listen, Empathize, Apologize, React, Notify

6.) I Know the University & Program:

I can answer students questions because I know about the university, my program, the learning management system, and the faculty I support.

7.) I Focus on Individual Needs:

I offer information and services relevant to each student's specific needs and concerns. I deliver individual service by giving relevant and detailed information, and specific and accurate directions.

8.) I Stay Flexible:

When responding to student and faculty requests, I ensure everyone is satisfied by asking questions to learn more, determining the individual's needs, and thinking of creative ways to say resolve issues

9.) I Do More:

I am empowered to serve our programs by acting upon opportunities to do more than is asked, and going the extra mile whenever possible - to make the student feel special.

10.) I Take Ownership:

I help with any request by handling it myself, following the chain of command, and following up with the students and faculty.

11.) I Learn More:

I can give students and faculty the information they need through my continuous efforts to learn more about the needs of students and faculty, my position, my program, and my university.

12.) I Build Relationships:

I create effective and meaningful relationships, which are the productive and sustaining foundation of all that I do in serving students and faculty.

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